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5 Ways To Enjoy Thanksgiving In Montreal This Year Without Actually Being With Your Family

Who else is planning a turkey Zoom dinner? 🦃
5 Ways To Enjoy Thanksgiving In Montreal This Year Without Actually Being With Your Family

This year, Thanksgiving in Montreal is bound to be a little different than in years part. With our city being under red alert during the long weekend, meaning visits are prohibited, you're going to need to do some improvising in order to celebrate.

And that's where we come in to help! We thought of five ideas for you and your loved ones to celebrate a no-contact Thanksgiving. 

2020 has surely been an eventful year, but there are still so many things to be thankful for.

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Enjoy A Virtual Museum Tours While on FaceTime

Why You Need To Try: Strolling through a museum is something that so many of us have taken for granted. So, this year, why not give thanks to all the museums that are offering online tours? You can even do this over FaceTime with a friend!

Zoom Celebration

Why You Need To Try: Zoom has become the normal way of celebrating anything in 2020. So, might as well get with the times and all eat turkey together over a nice video chat.

Netflix Party

Why You Need To Try: Netflix party allows you to watch a movie with someone, without physically being with them. Instead of cuddling up on the couch together, you can all grab a glass of wine and talk through your screens about the film.

A Good Ol' Phone Call

Why You Need To Try: Remember the days when we used to actually call each other? Let's bring them back this long weekend. I promise your loved ones will appreciate it.

Write A Letter To The People You're Thankful For

Why You Need To Try: This may be even more old-school than a phone call, but it's such a thoughtful idea. Handwritten notes are extremely special, so consider writing some to the people you love most!

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