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6 Hilarious Montreal Comedians To Follow Who Will Keep You Laughing For The Rest Of 2020

Social media has a little bit of everything. From all things news related and to local at-home cooks to hilarious Montreal comedians, Instagram has got your back when it comes to quality content.

This year, laughter has been able to distract us from the unforeseen turn of events that 2020 brought forth.

And, luckily for us, our city is full of talented and hysterical beings who love to show off their skill on Instagram.

Depending on what your style of humour is, this list is almost guaranteed to ignite some laughter from deep within you —even on the days that you simply don't feel like laughing.

So, next time you're looking to get a good laugh out, consider checking out one of these hilarious locals!

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Rachid Badouri

Why You Need To Follow: This well-known comedian uses his talents to create some pretty hilarious Instagram content. His page is sure to make you laugh in french and English.

Matthew Giuffrida

Why You Need To Follow: Matthew's sense of humour and comedic talent are just a few reasons why this local has gathered such a large following. We especially love his character Martin, and we think you will too.

Cameron Geller

Why You Need To Follow: This local comic is constantly posting hilarious and relatable social media content. If you need a little laughter in your life, you're going to want to check him out.

Hillary Cohen

Why You Need To Follow: This local Instagrammer doesn't take anything too seriously — especially not herself. Follow her for a good laugh, unique makeup tutorials, and the most entertaining cooking shows.

Le Mack

Why You Need To Follow: Although his videos are in French, you'll totally be able to relate to his oh-so-Montreal content.

Nir Guzinski

Why You Need To Follow: This comic knows how to get his viewers to laugh, especially when he talks about Montreal.

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