We've got a long weekend coming our way, which means you can kick back your feet and relax. And if you're spending it thinking of things you appreciate, we thought of a few things to do in Montreal that will revamp your love for the 514.

After a year of stepping back and taking a look at the world around us, we have to be grateful for living in such a great city like Montreal.

Even things like construction and detours... I guess they make us thankful to take the road less travelled!

Here are six things that you can do in and around the city to give thanks to the place we get to call home.

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Go For A Bike Ride

Why You Need To Go: No better way to see a bike city like ours than through a bike ride.

Head To A Lesser Known Park

Why You Need To Go: Because we have more parks than just Mount Royal and La Fontaine.

Pick Up Tasty Eats At A Market

Why You Need To Go: Make yourself a delicious meal with some local Quebec goods.

Pick Up A Pumpkin

Why You Need To Go: To get you into the season and get the chance to see nature beyond the city.

Order A Fall Drink

Why You Need To Go: To try some of the best coffee in the city, plus bring out your inner basic.

Catch A Sunset

Why You Need To Go: To sit back and soak it all in.

Have a safe long weekend, everyone!