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6 Ultra Spicy Montreal Restaurants To Try When You Need A Good Cry

If you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen. 😤
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6 Ultra Spicy Montreal Restaurants To Try When You Need A Good Cry

Is it hot in here or is it just the food? If you're looking for some heat when you eat, then you're in luck ― the Montreal restaurant scene isn't just hot and trendy, but it's hot and spicy. And with so many cultures and influences from around the world in the city, you can find something new and exciting to try when you're craving that little extra sizzle.

With the cold weather slowly upon us (you know it's true), adding a little heat may be just the thing you need to warm you up.

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But with so many people who aren't quite there yet and legit find BBQ chips too spicy, restaurants are willing to tone down the spice or find you an alternative so that you can still enjoy the best that cuisine has to offer.

"How hot are we talkin' here?"

So hot that some of these places literally make you sign a waiver.

Like serious heat.

So check out these spots around town to try some of the spiciest menus we could find.

If you dare...

Ma Poule Mouillé 

Address: 969, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC

This local go-to for Portuguese chicken is known not just for its chicken, or even its poutine, but for the spicy sauce that'll bring a little flair to your palette.

It's so popular that it was even featured on Somebody Feed Phil.


Caribbean Curry House 

Address: 6892, ave. Victoria, Montreal, QC

Caribbean Curry House offers some incredible, authentic Caribbean dishes that'll make you sweat from the heat and from excitement. They use scotch bonnet peppers and even if you've never even heard of them, you can tell they're spicy.

Those feeling adventurous should definitely order the jerk chicken. And while you're there, try one its famous rotis.


Restaurant Tuk Tuk 

Address: 5619-A, Chemin de la Côte-Des-Neiges, Montreal, QC

Anyone who's ever been to Cambodia or Thailand truly understands the significance of the name, but Restaurant Tuk Tuk is one of Montreal's go-to spots for both cuisines.

The menu offers both spicy and non-spicy plates, but to get what this incredible cuisine is all about, you gotta go for the spice.



Address: 1426, rue Bishop, Montreal, Quebec

McKibbin's is known for the Rim Reaper Challenge: 12 wings using the world's most expensive and spiciest pepper. We're talking 401.5 times hotter than tabasco sauce. It's so hot that you need to sign a waiver!


CQ Montagne 

Address:1195, rue Bishop, Montreal, QC

Xiao mian is a spicy noodle dish that's popular in China. CQ Montagne brought the trend to the city and has been keeping things hot ever since. In fact, it's so authentic that the team makes their own chilli sauce.

But don't worry, they can tone it down for our less-than-spice-crazed friends.


Maquis Yasolo

Address: 3763, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Maquis Yasolo is a restaurant that blends Afro-Québécois restaurant, bringing the best of recipes and traditions from Congo and other regions in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Quebec.

For a spicy fusion of cultures and flavours, you'll definitely want to check out the jerk chicken.


Hope your taste buds can handle it!

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