7 Just Really Cool Hidden Gems In One Of The World's 'Coolest Neighbourhoods:' Verdun

7 spots to eat and shop in the riverside borough.
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7 Just Really Cool Hidden Gems In One Of The World's 'Coolest Neighbourhoods:' Verdun

Though everyone living here already knew this, Verdun was officially named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world by Time Out. Ranked among neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, Berlin, and Paris, Montreal's humble little riverside borough stood head and shoulders above those stereotypically "cool" neighbourhoods in cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Dublin. 

Time Out Montreal's Jean-Pierre Karwacki said that "despite renewed lockdown restrictions hitting the city in October, Verdun’s continued rallying cry of local flavours, sights and sounds in the face of uncertainty demonstrates how Montreal – and cities everywhere – can and will get through this."

Indeed, if the spirit of the neighbourhood and its local residents makes Verdun stand out among the world's best, its the neighbourhood's hidden gems that make people stick around. 

Verdun is blessed with local businesses run by hardworking families and young entrepreneurs. From beer stores to cafés, you can find everything your heart desires in Verdun. 

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Address: 4817 rue Wellington

Why You Need To Go: Maltéhops is a tiny shop with one of the largest selections of Quebec-made beers, ciders, and snacks you'll ever see. The owners are lovely people who will gladly help you find the beer you've always dreamt about.


Chez Jacquie et France 

Address: 4609 avenue Bannantyne

Why You Need To Go: This sea-themed diner is a perfect spot for a way-too-huge brunch or a quick lunch.

The owners invite all Montrealers to come and experience a little piece of Acadian Quebec in Montreal.


Bistro Entre Ciel et Terre 

Address: 750 rue de l'Église

Why You Need To Go: If you've always wanted to try some fine bistro meals but are worried about the damage to your bank account, look no further than the quaint and wonderful Bistro Entre Ciel et Terre.

In normal times, the bistro is usually packed with people thanks to amazing food and its huge hidden terrasse.


Komma Rosta 

Address: 5300 rue Wellington

Why You Need To Go: This super cute café/Japanese-fusion restaurant has quickly become a go-to neighbourhood hangout perfect for working on your award-winning screenplay.

And of course, in normal times you can take a swing on Komma Rosta's indoor swing — that's what it's there for you silly head.


Palais d'Ajit

Address: 4801 avenue de Verdun

Why You Need To Go: Super comforting Indian food at a reasonable price. Perfect for chilly winter evenings. Need we say more?


Restaurant Pierrette Patates 

Address: 3900 avenue de Verdun

Why You Need To Go: If your poutine isn't served in heaping portions bigger than your head, you're doing Quebec casse-croûtes wrong. The pizza at Pierrette Patates is also superb.


Dépanneur Variétés Savoie

Google Maps

Address: 4906 avenue Bannantyne

Why You Need To Go: I'd be remiss if I didn't include one of the best deps in Montreal. Owned and operated by Roy — who's lived in Verdun since the dawn of time and the literal embodiment of the neighbourhood's spirit — the dep is a one-stop-shop for not only chips and beer but for learning about the rich history of this incredible neighbourhood.

If it's a quiet afternoon, stick around for a chat with Roy and discover what the spirit of Verdun is all about.

Website? LOL, just go there.

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