7 Hidden Gems In Montreal To Check Out That Most Locals Don't Even Know About (VIDEO)

Our city is FULL of surprises.

Montreal is full of everything you can ever imagine. From world-renowned eateries to picturesque parks, the city has never been lacking in things to do. But, some of us prefer to discover the parts of our city that aren't as popular. So, we're here to help you seek out Montreal's secret spots.

We all know those ultra photographed spots, whether they be restaurants, clubs, or even parks. But how many of you have dug into those hidden gems that make our city what it is?

From vintage stores and burger joints to parks and cafés, there are so many one-of-a-kind places that you can't help but fall in love with, if you know they're there, that is.

Instead of following Insta trends, why not be a trendsetter by posting at one of MTL's lesser-known, epic spots.

Parc Jean-Drapeau's Hidden Waterfall

Where: 1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, QC

This lesser-known waterfall in the popular Parc Jean-Drapeau is a great place to check out, especially during the summer.

It's a little bit secluded, but once you know where it is, you'll realize it's actually super easy to get to.


Oh My Deer Café

Where: 24, ave. des Pins E., Montreal, QC

In a city that's swimming in cafés, Oh My Deer has managed to stay low-key while providing incredible service and amazing coffee.


The Little Shop

Where: 1002, ave. Ogilvy, Montreal, QC

This small yet adorable second-hand shop has amazing vintage clothing, jewelry and ornaments.


Garden At Saint Joseph's Oratory

Where: Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

We all know about the great Saint Joseph's Oratory. However, not everyone knows about the magical garden that's hidden within the property.

Check it out

Wooden Squirrel Carvings At Mount Royal Chalet

The well-known chalet has a cafe, a souvenir shop, and an information desk, but not many people realize that there are also adorable wooden squirrel carvings to look at.

Next time you're there, don't forget to look up!


Bar St Vincent

Where: 3561, rue Ontario E., Montreal, QC

This corner bar with outdoor seating has an old-school feel to it making it a fun joint to check out with friends.


Parc Morgan

Where: 4370, rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal, QC

While it's true that many people do kind of know about this gorgeous park, not many seem to visit it often. Now's your chance to.


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