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8 Charming Quebec Airbnbs That Provide The Most Surreal Fall Views

It's time to start planning your fall escape! 🍂
8 Charming Quebec Airbnbs That Provide The Most Surreal Fall Views

Fall is a magical, majestic season. As the leaves change colours and the air begins to cool down, it's one of the best times to escape the city and connect with nature. Thanks to all the charming Quebec Airbnbs for rent, you won't need to leave the province to get some seriously beautiful views this fall.

Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you.

With so many options to pick from, we wanted to make your life a little easier and decided to do the research for you.

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All of the following spots are located in Quebec and are ideal to spots for your next weekend escape.

Not only will these places provide you with some much-needed peace and serenity outside of the city, but you'll also be able to take in all the beauty that comes with the seasons changing.

Before we know it, we will be looking at white, fluffy snow, so before that happens, we all need to take advantage of this most loved season.

And, the best way to do that is to get in the car, grab your crew and take a drive to one of these epic spots.

Small Home Surrounded By Nature


Price per person, per night: $55

Located in Saint-Zenon, Quebec, this quaint home will provide you with some pretty incredible views of nature.

As the season changes, you'll be in awe with the natural beauty that this cute spot is surrounded by.

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"La Yourte" In The Middle Of Trees


Price per person, per night: $30

This yurt is an ideal spot for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature, without having to sleep outdoors.

It can sleep four people comfortably and is even equipped with a half bath. And, of course, it'll provide you with the most incredible fall vibes!

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Simple Home With Phenomenal Views


Price per person, per night: $21

Situated right on the lake, this "no fuss" property will allow you to strip away from the hustle of Montreal and truly relax with friends, in nature.

And, since there are so many gorgeous trees around, you'll be able to bask in the glory that is fall.

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Tiny Home With A Big View


Price per person, per night: $11

This tiny and affordable home for rent is situated right on the water, surrounded by majestic trees. The setting of this cozy cabin would be ideal for anyone looking to connect with nature.

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Fancy Home For The Fancy Guests


Price per person, per night: $113

If you're looking for a home on the higher end, this spot is truly amazing. From the heated terrasse to the picturesque decor, everything about this home screams luxury.

And, the ceiling to floor windows looks over a vast amount of trees that are bound to be photo-worthy this fall.

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Magazine Worthy Lake House


Price per person, per night: $26

Everything from the decor, to the nature surrounding this home, makes this spot one you're going to want to check out.

And, what better time to do so than the fall?

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Big Wood Cabin


Price per person, per night: $17

This large wood cabin situated right on the water will allow you and 11 others to gaze at the reflection of the leaves changing colours.

Surrounded by nature, it's almost certain that you'll find peace at this location.

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Vacation Home Extraordinaire


Price per person, per night: $57

This breathtaking spot located in Gracefield Quebec is not only directly situated on crystal clear waters, but it also is surrounded by gorgeous trees.

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Time to get booking!

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