8 Things To Do In Quebec That You Have To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

Summer's here... time start ticking the boxes on that list! ☀️

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Two people sitting at the top of a mountain in Quebec, Right: Person posing beside Rocher Percé in Quebec.

Two people sitting at the top of a mountain in Quebec, Right: Person posing beside Rocher Percé in Quebec.


Now, we don't want to brag or anything but they don't call Quebec la belle province for nothing... alright, we love to brag a little bit!

Quebec is downright stunning year-round, but when summer rolls around and the world comes to life again, the province is nothing short of magical.

With so much to do and see, and so little summertime throughout the year, it's best to get a bucket list sorted and we're helping you out with some must-try activities that you just gotta add to your Quebec summer bucket list.

Hike Up Mont-Tremblant

Address: Mont-Tremblant, Laurentides. QC

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Why You Need To Go: Everyone's favourite spot for skiing also makes for a fantastic hike come summer. The world-famous mountain offers the most spectacular views of the Laurentian region and the village is just as lively in the summertime as it is during the apres-ski season.

Not to mention, being an hour and a half drive from the city makes for the perfect distance for a weekend getaway or a day trip.


Walk Along Terrasse Dufferin

Address: Rue des Carrières, Quebec City, QC

Distance From Montreal: 3 hours

Why You Need To Go: We all love a good terrasse, but Terrasse Dufferin in our province's capital really takes the cake.

Measuring 425 metres long and sitting 60 metres above the water, it offers a fantastic vantage point of la Ville de Québec, the St. Lawrence River and Le Château Frontenac, the world's most photographed hotel.

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Sip The Day At A Winery

Address: Throughout Quebec

Distance From Montreal: Varies depending on location

Why You Need To Go: The beauty of Quebec isn't just something to see... it's something to taste, too. Home to some beautiful wineries with award-winning wines, ciders and other crafts, Quebec's wineries are unmatched.

Whether you're a pro, a newbie or just looking for a fun adventure, a trip to a winery in the summer makes for a great day out.

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Go Stargazing In Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

Address: 189, Route du Parc, Notre-Dame-des-Bois, QC

Distance from Montreal: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Why You Need To Go: This park is considered one of the best places in the world for stargazing and we're lucky to get to call it part of our very own backyard. During the day, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic is pretty amazing, but come nightfall, it's downright magical.

While there, be sure to stop by the ASTROlab to learn more about astronomy and the hard work being conducted to learn more about outer space.


Visit Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Address: Gulf of St. Lawrence, QC

Distance From Montreal: 19 hours

Why You Need To Go: One of the archipelagos in the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence, Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine is definitely the farthest spot on this list, but oh so worth it.

The perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with nature, your loved ones and yourself, the simple way of life on the islands will make you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, yet right at home.


Check Out Percé Rock

Address: Percé, QC

Distance From Montreal: 10 hours and 30 minutes

Why You Need To Go: This place seriously rocks. An example of the natural formations found all over Quebec, Rocher Percé is something you could marvel at all day long (and all summer long).


Soak In The Views At Parc national du Bic

Address: 3382, route 132 Ouest, Rimouski, QC

Distance From Montreal: 5 hours and 15 minutes

Why You Need To Go: French Canadian or French Polynesia? It's hard to tell! This stunning park along the St. Lawrence River is home to crystal blue waters and towering cliffsides that make for an incredible road trip.

Spanning over 30 kilometres, you'll get that crisp ocean air, see some marine life and discover something new at every turn.

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Stand Under Archambault Falls

Address: 2424, ch. du Lac-Quenouille, Lac-Superieur, QC

Distance From Montreal: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Why You Need To Go: On the banks of the Archambault River in the Laurentides region is Centre de plein air de l'UQAM, filled with 25 kilometres of trails and pathways that lead to Archambault Falls.

Dive in for a refreshing dip in the river after your hike and stand under the falls for a view that will be flowing with natural beauty.


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