A Montreal Hairdresser Has Revealed What You Can Expect When Salons Reopen

Maggie Semaan is preparing for Haus of Rtists reopening on June 15.
A Montreal Hairdresser Has Revealed What You Can Expect When Salons Reopen

Montreal hairdressers are swimming in talent. And Maggie Semaan is one of the stylists that are at the top of everyone's list. The award-winning hairdresser is the owner of the incredible salon Haus of Rtists, which is preparing to reopen its doors in mid-June.

Semaan's talent, passion, and experience have made her one of the most sought out hairdressers in the city.

Throughout the past few months, Semaan was taking to her skills to her Instagram and giving her followers tips and tricks for looking good in the midst of isolation.

She even went as far as giving online tutorials on different hairstyles to have her followers looking and feeling their best.

As the city starts to deconfine, there's going to be a new normal to get used to.

With the reopening of salons rapidly approaching, we spoke with Maggie to find out what changes that she'll make when it comes to hair care now that her business will be open and taking clients.

Answers have been condensed and edited for clarity.

What changes should people expect to see with the reopening of salons?

Haus of Rtists is asking clients to come alone and to wait outside until your hair artist is ready to receive you.

To avoid contamination, We'll not be serving our complimentary beverages.

All our staff will be wearing face masks and face shields.

We'll be offering complimentary disposable face masks to all our clients, which will be required inside our salon.

What safety measures is your salon taking moving forward?

We've taken weeks to prepare and have added Plexiglass between every station, between every sink and at the reception.

Hand sanitizer at every entrance and every station, antibacterial pellicule on every door handle in the salon, as well as face masks and shields for every employee and client in the salon, tools, and scissors and chair, disinfected after every client.

We're also disinfecting the premises every evening and disinfecting the washrooms every two hours.

Do you think the overall salon experience will be changed forever?

There's a quote I love by Robin Sharma, "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end," and I think it's very symbolic in regards to what's going on in my field as well as the world right now.

We've embraced change. We've perfected our education and will be soon offering tutorials, as well as an online shop.

The experience we offer at Haus of Rtists moves well beyond the appearances. Our commitment to offering our clients unparalleled transformations and hair services by highly skilled artists.

What are you looking forward to most about getting back to work?

Many of our followers, clients, and friends have expressed that this confinement period and social distancing has come with its own set of challenges.

What we are looking forward to most is returning to our craft to help enhance the beauty and confidence of our clients.

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