A Montreal Interior Designer Revealed How To Revamp Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

Out with the old, in with the new!
A Montreal Interior Designer Revealed How To Revamp Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

Tiffany Aziz is a Montreal interior designer who earned her degree at Parson's The New School in New York City.

Bringing her knowledge and skill back to her hometown, Aziz has an eye for turning any room into an at-home paradise.

Since many of us have the itch to change things up around our apartments and, since most of us are on a budget, we thought Aziz could share some of her experience with our readers.

From making small spaces look bigger to changing up your space without spending a ton of money, Tiffany Aziz filled us in on everything we need to know about revamping our homes on a budget.

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How can you change the look of your apartment without spending a lot of money?

"A fresh coat of paint really helps refresh the feel of the space," said Aziz.

"A few suggested colour palettes would be an off white, light grey, taupe or beige. It's best to keep neutral tones on your wall to allow other elements that you may want to bring in work. This also helps furniture and accessories stand out."

The designer also let us know that "pillows, throws and decorative objects are other elements you can switch up to help refresh accent colours and bring different style to whatever your existing base is." 

What items can you use to make a small space look bigger?

"By getting a larger area rug, your living space will look bigger. A rule of thumb is to make sure that all furniture is at least touching the area rug size," Aziz said.

Aziz went on to let us know that a common mistake is "getting a small area rug", and went on to say that "the bigger the rug, the bigger your space will look."

Another major aspect is the paint, "the light paint colours suggested will open up your space. The lighter your walls are, the more airy it'll feel."

And, last but not least: mirrors. "Use of mirrors also helps with this. Adding mirrors to walls helps make the room feel more spacious."

Which cheap items do you think every Montrealer should have in their apartment for 2021?

"Prints - some options from Montreal-based businesses are Citizen Atelier, or Lindsay Sacks. Candles are also great and they range in a variety of prices."

Tiffany finished by stating that "any other decorative objects make a difference."

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