A Montrealer Somehow Bought The World's Smallest Joint & We're Wondering How This Happened

In a confusing yet kind of adorable turn of events, Montrealer Tristan Gles, aka Diassiau on Reddit, managed to buy what's probably the world's smallest joint at the SQDC.

But how did this even happen?

from sqdc

This hilariously tiny pre-rolled joint managed to get into the hands of Gles, who posted his find on Reddit.

The product, Halcyon's "Garlic Z" pre-roll, is found at the SQDC and costs $5.60 for a 0.5-gram joint.

Gles told MTL Blog that he bought the product on November 9 and decided to post the photo "so that people don't make the same mistake as me," he said. "Also, I hope that Halcyon will remedy the situation."

He told us that he hasn't contacted the manufacturer about this, however.

The company that owns Halcyon, Greentone, is a Quebec-based cannabis producer.

The SQDC told MTL Blog that "for the producers, the weight is the priority versus the length of the pre-roll, within the specs of their manufacturing processes."

"I don't walk around with a scale in my pocket," Gles told MTL Blog.

"I understand that they're defensive because they have a lot of people asking for a refund or some kind of compensation but I didn't ask them for anything."

"It's their reputation, not mine."

MTL Blog reached out to Greentone, but they haven't gotten back to us yet. We'll update this article when they do.