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A Petition Urging Dawson College Not To Hold In-Person Exams Has Over 2,000 signatures

The Dawson Student Union is also against in-person exams.
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A Petition Urging Dawson College To Not Hold In-Person Exams Has Over 2,000 signatures

As the end of the semester approaches, Dawson College students are taking a stance against in-person exams.

In an online statement, the Dawson Student Union has positioned itself against conducting final exams in-person as it believes such a move would "undermine the performance of certain students and would effectively put them in harm’s way."

A petition asking for online-only testing has gained over 2,000 signatures. 

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In-person exams will still increase the risk for students to contract COVID-19, even if safety measures were to be put in place. 

Dawson Student Union

Stating that they "fear for [their] health and the health of [their] loved ones," the students behind the petition "urge Dawson College to consider making the final examination period strictly online."

The Dawson Student Union has also raised several concerns surrounding the health and well-being of the student body.

"Finals are already a stressful time for students, and we believe that having to be in a room with other students can augment the stress to many of the student population," it said. 

"While we understand that some students and faculty may be concerned with academic integrity, this cannot outweigh in any way the risk of contracting the virus." 

In a statement, a Dawson College spokesperson said that "plans for in-person exams are under review."

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