A Quebec TikToker Hilariously Shows What Living In Montreal Is Really Like (VIDEO)

"Okay, I'll park right here…in the middle of the street!"

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A TIkTok about what it's really like living in Montreal.

A TIkTok about what it's really like living in Montreal.

Le2watt | TikTok

Oh, Montreal — a city of poutine,bagels, and of course, endless construction. But what's it really like to live in Montreal? Benjamin Loiselle, a content creator who goes by Le2watt on TikTok, created a hilarious video about what it's like really living in Montreal and the many scenarios we can all relate to.

Loiselle acts out a number of situations that we've all likely found ourselves in living in the 514. The first? Metro debacles. Whether you try your hardest to mind your business – chances are you've been approached, bumped into, bothered and annoyed more times than you'd like, but hey, that's the beauty of public transit, I guess. "Bienvenue à bord," right?


Montréal be like: (Ig:le2watt)

In the next clip, Loiselle can be seen driving in his car on the way to meet a friend. When he's asked how long it'll be until he gets there…the TikToker took the opportunity to poke some fun at Montreal road conditions and how fast a quick commute can turn into a day of sitting in traffic. "I'll be arriving in about three hours!" he sarcastically says.

As if it couldn't get any more spot on, Loiselle acts out being woken up against his will by construction, street cleaning and snow removal at the absolute crack of dawn. "What is that? Tabarn*k!" Loiselle says in the TikTok as he's awoken out of his slumber.

The last clip is a struggle any driver in Montreal has dealt with…parking. You're meeting friends for dinner and you're circling the area, hunting for a spot, only to be left with the option of parking six blocks down or paying an arm and a leg at a private lot. Your best bet acceding to Loiselle? Just ditch your car anywhere.

As he's searching for a spot, he can be seen giving up and decides to park smack in the middle of traffic. "Okay, I'll park right here…in the middle of the street! M'en tabarn*k!" he says.


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