An Intl Student Went Viral On TikTok After Listing What Confuses Her Most About Montreal

"Last but not least...the squirrels."

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Deena Fares on TikTok listing things that confuse her about Montreal.

Deena Fares on TikTok listing things that confuse her about Montreal.

If you grew up in Montreal, chances are nothing about the city truly phases you. But for those who are new to the 514, getting accustomed to life in the metropolis can take some time.

Deena Fares, an international student from Barbados, posted a hilarious TikTok listing what confuses her most about the city and it's safe to say there was definitely a learning curve when Deena moved to Montreal.


Island gyal is confusion

"I've been in Montreal for about a month," Deena starts off the TikTok video, which was originally posted back in October 2022. "And I thought I'd share with you all the things I have learned/still learning/am very confused about since I've been here."

"Number one… the metro. I love the metro. It makes me feel like a bad b*tch," Deena said. And honestly… mood. Now, Deena wasn't referring to the STM's impeccable timing or cleanliness, but rather, the wind.

"I walk in there, put my headphones in and you know I'm blasting Gaga and then I notice something… a gust of wind. Where is the wind coming from?" Deena asked. "We're underground!? And I am not talking about a slight breeze. I am talking category five hurricane, natural disaster."

Although it's likely physics or whatever field of science makes the metro go weee, as Deena mentioned, she's choosing to believe it's "corruption." I mean, not really, but is Montreal.

Deena went straight to her second point; questioning why everyone here moves so fast all the time. "I understand if it's rush hour, you got places to go, things to do, but you'll be up at 7 o'clock in the morning on a Sunday and people are sprinting. Where are you going? Can you slow down?" she says. And I lowkey wanna know the answer to this, too... what are we trying to prove here?

"I tell myself that all these people need to use the bathroom. It adds backstory and helps make it less confusing. Maybe I'm slow? We're slow in the Caribbean, but like... all the time... sprinting?!"

Deena's final point of confusion is the city's squirrels. "What the f*ck is up with them? I don't necessarily have bad experiences with squirrels, but the Montreal ones have anger issues... all of them! They are in desperate need of therapy."

Flash forward a couple of months, and Deena is living her best Montreal life. In a message shared with MTL Blog, Deena said that she is still studying in Montreal and is loving it, although she is still slightly wary of the feral squirrels.

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