A Quebec Woman Allegedly Received A Pfizer Vaccine Dose After Getting A Moderna Dose First

This elderly woman lives with dementia, according to her daughter.
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A Quebec Woman Allegedly Received A Pfizer Vaccine Dose After Getting A Moderna Dose First

While some people may be upset by the fact that the provincial government doesn't want to give citizens both doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, one Quebec woman accidentally got one of each.

Antonietta Pollice, 97, who lives with dementia, was recently transferred between care facilities. Her daughter, Patrizia Di Biase, said the first facility, CHSLD Herron, gave Pollice a dose of the Moderna vaccine on January 7.

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Patrizia Di Biase

She was apparently then transferred to another facility, CHSLD Joseph-François-Perrault, on January 11 and was given a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine dose on January 22.

This happened despite the fact that her daughter allegedly told the team she had already received a first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Di Biase told MTL Blog that she confirmed that her mother's medical files followed her to the new facility. 

"Well we can't do anything about it," Di Biase said she was told by a nurse. She then decided to make some calls to see what the next move would be.  

Di Biase said she eventually got in touch with the social worker who helped with her mother's move, who reached out to Santé Publique. When the organization contacted her, they allegedly told her it shouldn't be a problem since the two are essentially the same.

"Yes, but it's never been tested," she replied.

Despite some initial side effects, including fever and low blood-pressure, Di Biase was told her mother is doing better.

"But it's not that — We don't know anything about two different drugs being put into your system," she told MTL Blog.

"They're just saying, 'I'm sorry.'"

"I'm sorry, but 'I'm sorry' doesn't really work. It should never happen again. They have to be dotting their I's, crossing their T's and checking it two, three times."

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