Montreal Held A Vigil On Saturday Honouring The Tragic Death Of An Animal Rights Activist

The emotional vigil for Regan Russell was captured in photos.
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Montreal Held A Vigil On Saturday Honouring The Tragic Death Of An Animal Rights Activist

This past Friday, June 19, Regan Russell, a woman who dedicated her life to protesting for animal rights, was fatally struck by a truck outside the Fearman Slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario, according to The Globe and Mail. The truck that hit Russell was filled with pigs preparing to see the end of their lives at Fearman's Pork — exactly what the woman was protesting against. Multiple vigils have been held across Canada to honour Russell's life, including one on Saturday, June 20 in Montreal's Square Saint-Louis.

The Facebook event for the vigil describes Russell by saying, "She was a warrior, a peace maker: just like all of us. She died selflessly fighting for a cause that is dear to our hearts. At the moment of the accident, she was giving pigs water, offering them a final moment of peace."

The vigil held was meant to honour her life and give her a "final moment of peace."

"We will not stand back as that industry of death shamelessly steals the life of a warrior right in front of the public eye. We have to keep fighting," the organizers Montreal Animal Save and Animal Save Movement wrote.

Regan Russell's commitment to honouring the lives of animals has not gone unnoticed.

The tragedy of Russell's death was recognized on PETA's official Twitter account.

The emotional vigil for Regan Russell was captured in photos, which were shared with MTL Blog.

[rebelmouse-image 26884703 photo_credit="Courtesy of montreal_vegan | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1080x719"] Courtesy of montreal_vegan | Instagram

People were asked to bring candles to the vigil, which were lit throughout the evening to honour the activist's life.

[rebelmouse-image 26884704 photo_credit="Courtesy of apolikali | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="3072x2139"] Courtesy of apolikali | Instagram

Many wore shirts that read "Rest In Peace Regan Russell #SavePigs4Regan."

[rebelmouse-image 26884705 photo_credit="Courtesy of apolikali | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="3840x2160"] Courtesy of apolikali | Instagram

Donny Oberoi, who was in attendance at the vigil, shared his experience with MTL Blog saying everyone there was "deeply saddened and devastated by this tragic incident."

"Regan Russell was a hero to the animals and this community and we will continue to fight in her honour," Donny told us.

"She died while fighting for the animals she loved."

Oberoi asks that "in her honour, please consider learning more about a compassionate vegan lifestyle that is based around anti-oppression and anti-exploitation of defenceless animals for human consumption, for entertainment, for fashion and for everyday products."

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