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Bell Let's Talk Day Is Coming Up This Month & You Can Now Participate On TikTok Too

"Get ready to join the world's biggest conversation about mental health."
Bell Let's Talk Day Is Coming Up This Month & You Can Now Participate On TikTok Too

Bell Let's Talk Day is back for a conversation on mental health like never before. Since 2010, the Canadian company, with its headquarters in Montreal, has hosted the initiative across a variety of platforms, but after the year that we've had, the discussion of mental well-being is sure to ring differently for this year's event.

On January 28, Canadians and participants worldwide will come together with the hashtag, #BellLetsTalk, which has apparently become the most used Canadian hashtag of all time.

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As always, those that use the hashtag on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, as well as applicable local/long-distance calls and texts, will have five cents donated to mental health initiatives.

Bell Let's Talk Day 2020 saw a new record of 154,387,425 messages, which totalled $7,719,371.25 in corporate donations to mental health initiatives. 

Since the start of the initiative in 2011, 1.1 billion messages related to the cause have been sent and the company has donated over $113,415,135.

This year's goal is to reach $155 million, including $5 million to COVID-19 response.

"Together we've made tremendous progress in increasing awareness of mental health and supporting improved access to care, but demands for help continue to increase dramatically as we confront these difficult times," says Mary Deacon, Chair of the Bell Let's Talk initiative.

On January 28, let's talk.

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