I Tried Benny&Co.’s New Old Montreal Restaurant & Bar And Here’s What I Thought (PHOTOS)

Even more Benny&Co. restaurants are coming to Montreal.

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Benny&Co. Has A New Restaurant In Old Montreal

It's Wednesday afternoon, I've already had a few drinks, and I'm craving rotisserie chicken.

Good thing I got to attend the grand opening of family-owned chicken rotisserie chain Benny&Co.'s newest location at 201, rue Saint-Jacques the other day, along with my partner, Therese.*

Courtesy of Thierry du Bois

You might have enjoyed Benny&Co.'s crispy-skinned roast chicken served with rich gravy and fries in some of the towns and suburbs around the city but this is their first foray into Old Montreal.

Courtesy of Thierry du Bois

As such, they seem to take comfort food to the next level with new offerings for hip urban folks such as signature cocktails, QR code menus, lots of exposed stone, and even a DJ spinning tunes, which made me feel fancy, indeed.

Courtesy of Thierry du Bois

The experience began with a selection of tasty starters and dipping sauces. The mozzarella sticks were hot and melty enough for a decent cheese pull.

Courtesy of Thierry du Bois

Therese ordered the meatless chicken tenders, which were so good we'd already eaten half of them before taking this photo, oops.

Ezra Black I MTL Blog

Their poutine was a stick-to-your-ribs creation served with crinkle-cut fries, squeaky curds, and a light gravy.

Ezra Black I MTL Blog

And then I ordered more chicken wings (what can I say? I'm a wing-lover). At this point, my tummy was too full to try their signature dish so I can only assume their rotisserie chicken comes out of the oven as crisp and tender as their winged counterparts.

Ezra Black I MTL Blog

By the end of the evening, I was overfed with food and filled with gratitude, so I ordered a shot and asked the bartenders to join me. Professional conduct prevented them from doing so but they graciously obliged me by shooting cranberry juice while I drank whiskey.

Benny & Co. Old Montreal

Cuisine: All things chicken and fast food, as well as a new bar concept

Address: 201, rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: For that classic Benny & Co. chicken taste in a new location and revamped restaurant concept.


*This article has been updated.

Ezra Black
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