Best 'Birthday Dinner' Restaurants In Montreal

15 super fun spots to celebrate with your best friends and family.
Best 'Birthday Dinner' Restaurants In Montreal

Out of the many possible birthday activities to choose from, going for a nice dinner remains one of the most popular ways to celebrate. This is unsuprising, because it requires minimal effort on the part of the birthday person, it's delicious, and it's a great way to get people together.

That being said, planning birthdays can be really hard. It is difficult to gather a group of friends together on the same day at the same time, and it's hard to find places that will accommodate various dietary restrictions and allergies.

A good birthday dinner spot has to have enough seating for large groups, a good wine and cocktail selection, and a varied menu. And, of course, it needs a fun atmosphere appropriate for celebrations! Read on for a list of restaurants that match that criteria.

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If you're looking for a supper club:


Where: 417 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal

What: This trendy izakaya-themed supper club is a perfect venue to celebrate a birthday if you don't mind spending a little more on the evening. Sit down with your friends for a late dinner (curated by chef Antonio Park) and stay as the dinner venue turns into a swanky club.



Where: 390 St Jacques St, Montreal.

What: Bord'Elle is an excellent option for those of you looking for a unique supper-club experience. The 1920s, prohibition-themed venue is lavishly decorated and features dizzying aerial performers once the restaurant becomes a club. Pst: They have good deals on oysters.



Where: 1106 Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Montreal.

What: Soubois is an enchanting supper club that looks like the enchanted forest's modern, cool cousin. Portions are a little small, but the food is to-die-for. Not to mention their selection of expertly crafted cocktails. Later, an amazing DJ turns the place into a club. The music is good, the drinks are fun and the people are beautiful: you can't ask for more.


If you're looking for a nice terrasse:

Les Enfants Terribles

Where: Place Ville Marie and Outremont

What: Les Enfants Terribles is a french brasserie with an impressive and unique menu. The food is incredible and the they have a wide selection of wines. Both locations offer something unique: the Place Ville Marie restaurant has a great view of the whole city, while the Outremont restaurant makes for a more intimate dining experience.


Café Parvis

Where: 433 Mayor St, Montreal.

What: Café Parvis is located just off of the busy de Bleury street. The restaurant is a little oasis in the heart of the city. Their terrasse, open in the summer, is covered with plants and fragrant herbs. They also have fantastic food and a good selection of cocktails. I recommend trying the pizzas!


Terrasse Nelligan

Where: 106 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal.

What: This terrasse is a classic summer hang-out spot. The seasonal, outdoor location offers an unparalleled view of the city. While they are well-known for their friendly staff and great drinks, their menu is also very flavourful.


If you're looking for something affordable:

Yokato Yokabai

Where: 4185 rue Drolet, Montreal.

What: This is hands down the best ramen place in the city, and I will fight anyone who thinks otherwise. Try one of their gigantic ramen bowls that won't set you back more than $15. Vegetarian friendly!



Where: 1450 Crescent St, Montreal.

What: Devi is a fantastic Indian restaurant with a great atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown, it is a hidden gem on the bustling, boisterous Crescent street. The chefs come directly from Delhi, where they occupied prestigious positions in restaurants. They are well-known for their butter chicken and lamb dishes.



Where: Downtown and in the Plateau.

What: Le Warehouse is a chain of bars known for their fun atmosphere and good selection of snacks and meals. Everything on the menu is priced at $6, from onion rings to sandwiches. This is independent of whether or not you're drinking (though you should definitely try their cocktails). You can either split a few snacks between friends or eat a whole meal! I recommend the pieroggies.


If your're looking for an intimate dinner:

Le Majestique

Where: 4105 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal.

What: Le Majestique is an upscale restaurant known for its oysters and fun drinks. The atmosphere is perfect for those who want a smaller, more intimate get-together. The decor and ambiance make this Plateau restaurant perfect for birthday celebrations.



Where: 1 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal.

What: Modavie is a must on birthday dinner lists. The eclectic atmosphere and varied menu makes it a great place to go and chat with old friends. This Old Port restaurants hits the sweet spot between excellent food, good prices and a friendly staff. There's even live music! Check it out!



Where: 1431 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal.

What: Owned by the same people who brought Bouillon Bilk to life, Cadet is an upscale tapas bar with an ever-changing menu. Both the food and the drinks are balanced and thought-through. Not to mention that the service is impeccable.


If you're looking for an all-you-can-eat spot:

Seoul Chako

Where: 1824 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal

What: Seoul Chako is an all-you-can eat Korean BBQ place perfect for groups. The food is prepared at a grill at your table, which is very entertaining. Great food and a fun ambiance for only $26!


Sushi Crescent

Where: 1437 Crescent St, Montreal.

What: What Sushi Crescent lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in good food and a wide selection of dishes. There is ample space for large parties and a good selection of makis, sashimi and warm dishes. Highly recommended for more casual nights!


M. Burrito

Where: 3211 Chambly Road, Longueui

What: Five words: all-you-can-eat tacos. M. Burrito has a fun atmosphere, good mojitos and a great promotion: for only $30 total, two can can get all-you can eat tacos AND a pitcher of sangria or beer. It doesn't get better than that.


Happy celebrations, Montreal! I hope you all have magical birthdays.

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