A City On Montreal's South Shore Can't Drink Its Tap Water Right Now For A Gross Reason

The City of Brossard, a municipality on Montreal's South Shore, has issued a boil water advisory "until further notice" so residents will want to skip drinking tap water or boil it for at least a minute before doing so.

"The City of Brossard is issuing a boil water advisory for its entire territory following laboratory analysis results that indicate the presence of fecal coliforms in the water system," reads a statement. If it's not clear, fecal coliforms are bacteria passed through the feces of humans and animals. 

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However, unboiled water can still be used for "washing dishes in hot water [...] washing clothes and taking a shower or bath," the city says. 

According to the City of Brossard, it is best to wash young children with a washcloth "to prevent them from swallowing water and to ensure that they do not put wet objects in their mouths."

For more information on boil water advisories, the Quebec government has a webpage dedicated to frequently asked questions.

In the meantime, you can buy bottled water if you want to stay hydrated but you don't want to wait for boiled water to cool down.