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Montreal CEGEPs Are Offering New Classes For People Who Lost Jobs During The Pandemic

27 short-term training courses will be available.
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CEGEPs In Montreal Have Classes For People Who Lost Jobs During The Pandemic

The Regroupement des cégeps de Montréal (RCM) has just announced a series of new career advancement courses that will be available to people who've lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Training courses ranging from "digital marketing to food processing to administration and management" will be available in French and English at the RCM member schools. 

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27 trainings

What's really cool is that if you're eligible for one of these courses, you might be able to get financial assistance of $500 per week through the Programme d’aide à la relance par l’augmentation de la formation (PARAF).

Among the many courses on offer, several could help you improve your skills in industries that are undergoing a "digital shift" such as retail and marketing.

Other classes will cover topics in manufacturing or labour. 

"At a time when many sectors of the economy are slowing down, this training will allow people who have temporarily lost their jobs to upgrade and update their skills to keep pace with the evolution of their profession," the RCM said in a statement.

"They will thus be able to develop in their sphere of activity or a related sphere."

Classes will comprise up to 18 participants and will be conducted either online, in-person, or a combination of both. 

"It is essential for us to support the college network in its efforts to deploy a training offer in line with the short-term skills required in today's job market," said Minister of Higher Education Danielle McCann.

Information on classes and registration is available on the website Montez de Niveau

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