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You Can Still Visit Quebecers Living Alone This Holiday Season

If you go by yourself.
You Can Still Visit Quebecers Living Alone This Holiday Season

Following Premier François Legault's announcement on December 3 that Christmas gatherings in Quebec red zones will be cancelled after all this year, he clarified you can still visit people who live alone during the holidays — one at a time.

Throughout the pandemic, Legault has stressed the importance of visiting loved ones if they live alone, and it has remained permitted to do so despite red-zone restrictions. 

In October, Legault told Quebecers, "I know that there are mounting mental health problems in people who are alone. So, if you have the chance to visit a person living alone, you have the right, one at a time, but you have the right to go."

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It will still be allowed to visit a person living alone, such as our parent or grandparent if they live alone. 

Premier François Legault

Today, Legault confirmed that this still applies for Christmas 2020. 

"We can and we must visit them. They need us more than ever," he said in a press conference on December 3. 

"Of course, we have to keep our distances and wear a mask."

Legault said he knew Quebecers would be disappointed that the government reversed its decision and would no longer allow Christmas gatherings.

But at least no one will have to endure the holiday season all by themselves. 

"It's hard, the pandemic. It's even harder in the holiday season to be alone. So go . . . [but] of course, be careful," he said.

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