A Quebec Class Action Against Apple Is Approved & It Wants $300 For All Affected Customers

If you've bought an iPhone since December 29, 2014 you might be included.
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A Quebec Class Action Against Apple Is Approved & It Wants $300 For All Affected Customers

Quebec's Court of Appeal has approved a class-action lawsuit against Apple, according to multiple reports

The plaintiffs claim that Apple violated part of Quebec's Consumer Protection Act with product batteries that have a "limited lifespan."

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Why is there a class-action lawsuit against Apple?

"Consequently," law firm LPC Avocat Inc. writes online, "the one-year warranty period offered to Quebec consumers is not a reasonable length of time, having regard to the price paid and intended use for Apple Products."

They also argue that Apple further violated the Act by not informing AppleCare and AppleCare+ purchasers both "orally and in writing" of "the existence and nature of [...] Quebec’s legal warranty" outlined in two sections of the Act.

MTL Blog has reached out to Apple for a comment on this story. This article will be updated when we receive a response.

Who is eligible to participate in the class action?

According to Narcity Québec, the first group includes all customers who bought an iPhone since December 29, 2014.

The second group, according to LPC Avocat Inc., includes "all consumers who, since December 20, 2015, purchased 'AppleCare' and / or 'AppleCare +' for an Apple product, including an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod and / or MacBook and who were not informed of the legal warranty under the Consumer Protection Act at the time of purchase."

How much money is at stake?

The class action is seeking "punitive damages in the amount of $300.00 per Class Member," according to the law firm.

Other possible damages are "to be determined."

"In Quebec, you are automatically included in the group if you meet the definitions of authorized groups, so you don't have to do anything. If one day there is a settlement or a favourable ruling, we will notify everyone," said Joey Zukran of LPC Avocat Inc. to Narcity Québec.

Members of the class action can sign up to receive updates online.

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