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Habs Fans Chased Down Carey Price's Car After Last Night's Game 3 Win (VIDEO)

Montrealers crowd-surfed, lit fireworks and backflipped their way through victory.
Habs Fans Chased Down Carey Price's Car After Last Night's Game 3 Win (VIDEO)

In a stressful overtime game, the Montreal Canadiens successfully overcame the Vegas Golden Knights on Friday night in a 3-2 victory, taking the series lead — and Montrealers reacted to the win in a big way.

Post-game, Montrealers took to the streets around the Bell Centre to cheer on the Habs as they inch closer to the Stanley Cup finals.

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Instagram user @habsnveggies wrote, "Crowd was electric. The city will burn if they move into the next round."

Though the Bell Centre was authorized to hold 3,500 spectators last night, @jeunechristo — whose real name is Christopher — told MTL Blog that more Montrealers were in the streets. 

[rebelmouse-image 26878685 photo_credit="@jeunechristo | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="784x1238"] @jeunechristo | Instagram

In a video, a large crowd is seen watching the game through La Cage windows and Christopher is even seen crowd surfing.

Habs fans surrounded star goalie Carey Price as he drove home after the victory. "After all, it's Carey Price, one of the greatest if not the greatest goalie in history. To have seen him in person was fun and memorable," said @y.zadar, who recorded the video.

MTL Blog's Alex Melki was on the scene at the Bell Center when, after the game, fans literally did backflips and lit up fireworks to celebrate Montreal's very best. Go Habs Go!

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