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Here's What's Open & Closed In Montreal On Labour Day

We love a long weekend!

Montreal skyline.

Montreal skyline.

Happy (almost) long weekend, Montreal! This year's Labour Day falls on Monday, September 5, so here's a list of what will be open and closed across the 514 to help you plan your day accordingly.

This is a partial list and we recommend checking websites or calling certain locations you may want to visit beforehand — just to be on the safe side.

What's open on Labour Day?

  • Montreal's city hotline, 311 will remain open
  • The STM will be open and operating on modified hours (check the schedule here)
  • Most pharmacies (hours may be reduced)
  • Smaller stores, including food shops and depanneurs or shops that aren't in malls, may be open
  • Atwater Market and Jean-Talon Market will be open
  • Most restaurants and bars will be open
  • Hotels
  • Bookstores, flower shops and other businesses offering works of art
  • Cinemas
  • Most sports and cultural facilities will remain open (hours may vary depending on borough)
  • Biodome
  • Biosphere
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Insectarium
  • Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium
  • Montreal Casino
  • La Ronde will be open from 10:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.
  • Garbage and recycling collections are operating according to their usual schedules except for green waste in Montréal-Nord, which is postponed until the next day

What's closed on Labour Day?

  • Large shopping malls will be closed
  • Many bigger grocery stores will be closed
  • Accès Montréal offices (BAM) and permit counters
  • Most SAQ stores will be closed, except for those located in public markets and SAQ Express, which will operate according to their usual hours
  • SQDC stores will be closed
  • Municipal court service counters and courtrooms
  • Banks and credit unions across the city will be closed
  • Montreal libraries
  • Canada Post and postal services will be closed (except those operating privately)

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