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James William Awad Will Pay​ $1M/Year For An Assistant To Book Facials & Bring Him Fruit

Among many other tasks.

James William Awad Will Pay​ $1M/Year For An Assistant To Book Facials & Bring Him Fruit

James William Awad, the man behind 111 Private Club, the group that organized the infamous Sunwing flight to Mexico back in December, is currently on the search for a personal assistant.

Awad announced his desire to hire a personal assistant in an Instagram story on February 6, along with a follow-up story that said the offered salary for the position is going to be $1 million per year. That's way more than most companies in Quebec offer as a starting salary...

But, it's "a 24/7 job," Awad explained.

@senior | Instagram

MTL Blog spoke with 111 Private Club's owner about what this job would entail, and the list is rather hefty, but it comes with "housing and car provided."

Here's what Awad told us would be part of his personal assistant's duties:

  • "Bringing me a bowl of fruits every morning.
  • "Setting up my calendars, meetings, and making sure all the bills are paid on time.
  • "Taking phone calls and calling people for me.
  • "Making sure I have at least 1 facial, massage, haircut, pedicure and manicure booked weekly.
  • "Follow ups on maintenance for my houses, cars, and buildings.
  • "Booking things for me.
  • "Get and process mail and emails.
  • "Making sure my cars and suits are always clean."

He also added that he'd like his assistant to have "creative" ideas about how to make his life easier.

Awad confirmed with MTL Blog that he would be paying his new assistant a million dollars annually.

So one must ask themselves: Is a seven-digit salary worth having to bring a man fruits every morning?

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