Legault Commented On The US Election In A Tweet Today But He's Still Being Tight-Lipped

Yesterday, he said he didn't want to get involved in American politics.

Premier François Legault has been tight-lipped about his views on the U.S. election — but he did tweet something today to at least let Quebecers know he's paying attention.

Tuesday, at a press conference, Legault was asked point-blank: "Trump or Biden?"

"I don't intend to get involved in this," replied Legault, implying he wanted to stay out of U.S. politics. 

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Legault also said he wouldn't comment on elections in the United States nor "any in the rest of Canada."

Yet today Legault tweeted about the election, stating:

"I have read the preliminary results of the U.S. presidential elections. We will monitor it closely until the final result. We will continue to work hard to make our relationship prosper, regardless of the president the Americans choose."

While the tweet was vague and — unlike Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante — Legault did not endorse a candidate, it shows that he recognizes the potential impacts the election outcome could have on Canadians, including Quebecers.

According to Leger, 78% of Quebecers are worried about the outcome of the U.S. election.

The same data shows that Quebec is the most concerned region in Canada regarding the outcome of the U.S. election.