Legault Thinks That An Apartment For Rent In Montreal 'Starts At $500 Or $600 Per Month'

Critics say it's impossible for students to afford the current average rent in Montreal.
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Legault Thinks That An Apartment For Rent In Montreal 'Starts At $500 Or $600 Per Month'

At a National Assembly meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Quebec Solidaire representative Manon Massé asked Premier François Legault if he knows how much the median Montreal rent of an apartment is per month.

The premier thought that "it depends on the size of the accommodation, but I would say it can, maybe, start at $500 or $600 a month and pretty quickly go up to $1000 a month." 

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Massé referenced a study done by Le Devoir, which showed that the average rent for an apartment in Montreal is actually $1,310 when looking at Kijiji ads.

Similar studies done by the CMHC and Rentals.ca have also concluded that the average rent in Montreal is far beyond what the premier assumes, at $891 and $1,412 respectively.  

The premier said that calling the situation a "housing crisis" is "too strong" of a word when Massé asked him whether or not he thinks there is a housing crisis in the province. 

When pressed on the issue, Legault said that "we have the most generous student loan system in North America, but evidently, Quebec Solidaire [...] think that money grows on trees and that we need to increase the number of bursaries in Quebec [...] how will they pay for this? Taxes, taxes, taxes — that's Quebec Solidaire." 

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