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A Man Was So Triggered By Longueuil's Deer Cull He Got Arrested For Threatening The Mayor

Police are also investigating two more threats connected to the city's plan to kill deer.
A Man Was So Triggered By Longueuil's Deer Cull He Got Arrested For Threatening The Mayor

Last week, MTL Blog reported that the City of Longueuil is planning to carry out a "control operation" to kill problematic deer that have overpopulated Parc Michel-Chartrand.

A petition opposing the deer culling in Longueuil, which has garnered over 35,000 signatures, emerged online as the Miller Zoo offered to house the deer in Frampton rather than let the game meat be donated to local food banks in Quebec.

On November 18, the Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL) arrested a male suspect for allegedly threatening Longueuil's mayor, Sylvie Parent, in connection with the city's decision to euthanize the deer, a spokesperson for the SPAL told MTL Blog.   

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We remind you that your words or your writings can have serious consequences. Any threats, made over the phone, or in writing on social media, can lead to charges.

The Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil, in a statement on their Facebook page on November 18

A statement on the SPAL's Facebook page says the man is in his twenties and lives outside of Longueuil.  

The SPAL spokesperson told MTL Blog that the man threatened the mayor on social media.

The police team is investigating two more cases of threats made toward Longueuil's elected officials in relation to the deer, the statement says.

The other two cases of threats being investigated by police were made via the Longueuil citizen phone line, the spokesperson said.

"More arrests could follow in this case," reads the Facebook post.

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