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Luke Bryan Tried Speaking French At LASSO & He Should Definitely Stick To Music (VIDEO)

Luke Bryan gets an A for effort!

Luke Bryan performing at LASSO Montreal.

Luke Bryan performing at LASSO Montreal.

Mike Chaar | MTL Blog, @lukebryan | Instagram

LASSO has finally yee-hawed in Montreal after being put off for two years. The two-day country music festival certainly rocked Montreal's cowboy boots off with an impressive lineup of performances by country legends including Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Kelsea Ballerini, The Reklaws and many more.

While the festival certainly delivered with non-stop action, loads of western outfits and of course, great music, there was one standout moment that really had festivalgoers laughing it up.

During Luke Bryan's Saturday night set, the 'Play It Again' singer took a moment to show off his French skills or lack thereof.

Luke Bryan speaks French during LASSO Montreal set.Luke Bryan speaks French during LASSO Montreal set.

After saying "Bonjour" with all his might into the mic, Luke Bryan decided to take on yet another French phrase.

"S'il vous plaît! What does 'si vous plaît' mean?" Luke asked the crowd. While his pronunciation sounded more like "See vu play," he definitely tried his best — and we certainly commend his effort. French isn't an easy language after all.

After pretty much butchering his attempt at saying "please" in French (Sorry, Luke!) the country singer admitted that his "bonjour" was "a lot better."

'"Do y'all know we've been trying to do this show for three damn years? Y'all ready to drink some margaritas with me tonight?" Luke then asked the crowd before starting his performance of 'One Margarita,' which definitely got the crowd dancing.

Considering LASSO had been put on pause due to the pandemic, it's safe to say Montreal definitely got their country on last night and Luke's attempt at French was simply the cherry on top.

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