A Montrealer Says She Was Harassed By A Restaurant Owner & Shared Her Experience On TikTok

The owner of Kampai was the subject of a TikTok harassment allegation.

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Montreal Kampai Restaurant Owner Subject Of TikTok Harassment Allegation

21-year-old Montrealer Stephanie Parasiris recently took to TikTok to share an experience of what she says was harassment by the owner of restaurant Kampai.

In the TikTok video, Parasiris said that she tried repeatedly to make reservations for her and five friends, and that she later faced ridicule from owner Samuel Haas.

Haas apologized, but Parasiris says she was left "shocked" by the incident.

Parasiris shared her experience with Haas in a TikTok


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"I emailed them three weeks ago to make a reservation, they told me that this morning [August 9] they would open up the reservations for the week. They only take reservations by email, I tried to call literally a million times," Parasiris said in the TikTok.

"So, I emailed them right when I woke up at 8 a.m. and they responded saying that they were full, which to me didn't really make any sense," she continued. "We're only a group of six girls — it didn't make any sense to me that they would be full."

"I emailed them back trying to understand how. And they responded that they have limited spaces." The 21-year-old said she then asked the restaurant to contact her by phone to explain the situation.

She said that after not receiving a response, she messaged Kampai on Instagram.

She said a message instructed her to reach out by email. Parasiris also received a voice note from Samuel Haas, which can be heard in the TikTok video.

"What is the problem, I'd like to understand," Haas said, explaining the restaurant was "really sold out" and had limited capacity due to the pandemic.

He then offered to give a home address if Parasiris wanted to continue the conversation.

Haas ended the voice note by saying "je t'aime" — "I love you" in French.

Haas allegedly threatened to expose Parasiris' identity over Instagram stories

Parasiris' TikTok then showed what she said was an excerpt of an Instagram story Haas posted.

"It's not because you send us shit 48 times that we're gonna give you a reservation. If we're full, we're full," Haas said in the video.

"So Stephanie, yes it's you I'm talking to, who sent me 18 emails to give me shit. I hope you have an excellent day anyway."

Parasiris ends her TikTok by vowing she'll "never be going to Kampai again."

A poll allegedly posted to Haas' Instagram story asked followers if they want to see who Stephanie is.

The owner of Kampai apologized to Parasiris

Contacted by MTL Blog, Haas referred to a written apology sent to Parasiris and declined to offer additional comment on this story.

A screenshot shared by Parasiris with MTL Blog shows a message from Haas' account that states: "I want to apologize for my reaction and the way I handled the situation."

"We are overwhelmed with messages and, while this is not your problem, the delay in response on our end is far from intentional. But this still doesn't excuse my actions," the message continues.

"Even my mother wrote to say she raised me better than that..."

The apology ends with an invitation to Parasiris and her friends to dine at Kampai.

Haas deleted the Instagram stories. Parasiris' original TikTok was also taken off the platform, but she then reposted it.

Parasiris was "shocked"

"I was honestly just shocked. I've never dealt with such a lack of professionalism before especially from an owner," Parasiris told MTL Blog.

"Businesses are not perfect but there's certainly no reason for someone to act the way he did."

"Not only that, but he deeply exaggerated on his Instagram stories to make me seem crazy, when he wasn't even telling the whole truth. That's when I made the TikTok describing my experience."

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