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Premier François Legault's questionable thoughts on apartment rentals starting at $500 or $600 a month in Montreal inspired us to see what we could find for that price in the area.

We found some places for rent right in the city and some about an hour away, proving that you can indeed find an apartment for $500 or $600 a month in or around Montreal... if you're willing to scale down your idea of a dream apartment, that is.

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1.5 Studio in Rosemont 


Price: $600/month

Address: 6920, 31e Avenue, Montreal, QC

Description: It seems clean enough and is within walking distance of the Olympic Stadium. Heating and hot water included!

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1.5 Studio in Ahuntsic-Cartierville


Price: $595/month

Address: 10100, rue Lajeunesse, Montreal, QC

Description: The price includes heat and water — and there's even a balcony. This one is a good bet if you're looking for a cheap studio near a metro station.

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3.5 in Saint-Henri


Price: $537/month if you join the co-op

Address: 711, rue Bourget, Montreal, QC

Description: This cozy apartment is located in a Saint-Henri cooperative building, meaning that if you're willing to pitch in with building maintenance, you've got yourself a perfectly located apartment on the cheap. However, since this is an "adaptable unit," they are looking for a tenant with reduced mobility.

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2.5 in Rosemont


Price: $585/month

Address: 4357, rue Beaubien, Montreal, QC

Description: While there's no balcony in this minuscule Rosemont apartment, you'll be around the corner from the huge Parc Maisonneuve.

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1.5 Studio in the Plateau-Mont-Royal


Price: $550/month

Address: 4010, de Chateaubriand, Montreal, QC

Description: Enjoy a real cozy living space. This apartment doesn't even have a private shower, so you'll have to be comfortable sharing shower access with two other people.

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