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Montreal Could See Up To 25 Millimetres Of Rain Due To Unstable Weather Across Canada

It’ll be warmer in the Arctic Circle than in the city. ☀️

Someone looks out over the Montreal skyline as rainclouds roll in.​

Someone looks out over the Montreal skyline as rainclouds roll in.

After several days of warm, sunny weather, Montreal is in for a full day of rain showers and a temperature drop on Tuesday. The city could see between 10 and 25 millimetres of precipitation and cooler weather with a high of 21°C.

The forecast follows a wet June for the greater metropolitan area, when the city saw almost double the average rainfall, according to Environment Canada. The city saw its second rainiest June at Trudeau airport with 169 millimetres. The last time a Montreal June was that damp was in 1943, when the city got 215 millimetres of rain.

The rest of July is predicted to be warmer and drier, promising many sunny days before the high heat and humidity of summer fully kick in.

Thankfully, we won't see a repeat of last month's hailstorm, which rocked Greater Montreal on June 16. Hail was reported measuring up to six centimetres in diameter, causing outages and roadblocks across the city.

MétéoMedia predicts Montreal will get temperatures "close to or below seasonal norms" in July. A low pressure system — when rising air cools and condenses, creating clouds — is expected to sweep in the north of the province. In the rest of Canada, unstable conditions brought on by the weather system will make temps shoot up in Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Meanwhile, Inuvik is about to experience a rare occurrence – temperatures higher than those in Montreal! A heat wave will bring temperatures up to 30 degrees near the Arctic circle, while Montreal is expected to reach a high of only 26°C.

Despite the grey skies, Montreal’s pollen count should stay down this week and air quality is expected to remain good.

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