Montreal Has Its Own Cave Where You Can Explore The Depths Of The Earth

Helmets and head lamps are provided!

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Someone poses in the Saint-Léonard cavern. Right, a group makes their way through the cave.

Someone poses in the Saint-Léonard cavern. Right, a group makes their way through the cave.

There are plenty of things to do on the surface of Montreal, from parties and festivals to drinking and eating and drinking again. It's a bustling city, and sometimes it can be hard to get away. If you want a break from the noise, try spelunking this deep cavern located right on the island!

The Saint-Léonard Cavern entrance is in the heart of a small park in the north part of Montreal, where relaxing green space gives little hint of the subterranean depths below.

You can enter the cave in a group of six visitors, guided by a member of the Quebec Caving Society. They will lead you under the city, through rocky passages where the only light comes from your headlamps (provided, along with helmets, by the Caving Society).

The dress code for the cavern is standard caving attire: long sleeves, long pants, appropriately sturdy close-toed shoes that can withstand water and mud, and even gloves, if you so desire.

The path through the cavern is relatively easy to walk, according to the Caving Society. Temperatures underground hover around 5 C, and the average humidity approaches 100% most of the time. The cave is accessible regardless of the weather above the surface — you'll be able to enter rain or shine.

Be sure to arrive a little early to meet your guide at the red-topped gazebo in Parc Pie-XII. Don't forget to make your reservation in advance online — that's when you'll pay. For now, masks are required during your visit.

Caverne de Saint-Léonard

Where: Parc Pie-XII, 5200, boulevard Lavoisier, Montreal, QC

Price: $19 for adults over 16, $16 for ages six to 16 and 65+

Why You Should Go: To explore the rocky underground beneath Montreal and experience a spelunking adventure right on the island!


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