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Montreal Is Hosting The 2022 NHL Draft Tonight — Here's What To Expect

The Habs get first pick of a new player. 🏒

Tables with the logos of NHL teams lined in front of a stage.

Tables with the logos of NHL teams lined in front of a stage.

It's the night when hockey dreams are made or delayed. Round one of the 2022 NHL Draft kicks off tonight in Montreal. Starting at 7 p.m., prospective players and their families will join NHL coaches and veteran players on the floor of the Bell Centre for a ceremony that will determine which teams get which up-and-coming players and in what order.

The Habs won the draft lottery in May, meaning they get to make the first pick for the newest addition to their team.

Right now, eyes are on top prospects Shane Wright (centre), Juraj Slafkovsky (left wing) and Logan Cooley (centre). Habs General Manager Kent Hughes confirmed earlier this week that the Canadiens were deciding between those three players, per Sportsnet.

It's the first time a host city has picked first since 1985 when the draft was hosted by Toronto.

The Habs have the opportunity to make 14 draft picks in total, but it's unlikely they will do so. The team may make some trades, including that of defenceman Jeff Petry.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Devils will take the second pick, followed by the Arizona Coyotes, Seattle Kraken and the Philadelphia Flyers. The rest of the top 10 spots will go to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres and the Anaheim Ducks.

There are 225 overall picks to go through. Rounds two to seven for the draft will continue at the Bell Centre on July 8.

The event marks the 27th time Montreal has hosted the draft, the most of any NHL city.

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