Eating On A Terrasse In Montreal Is Perfectly Described In This TikTok

Montreal may be known for bleeding red, white and blue, but there's no denying that it also bleeds a whole lot of orange (cones) thanks to the constant construction we can always count on.

Sometimes, we have to spend hours listening to drills go off while we're studying in the library, eating at a terrasse in Montreal, trying to sleep... You name it, construction noise ruins it.

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And if anyone knows these struggles properly — it's the locals of the city, like Robert Soare, the creator of the TikTok above, which is one of the most accurate things I've ever seen.

Drinking sangria on a terrasse while listening to the sweet sounds of construction happening is exactly what summer days in Montreal are all about.

At the time of writing this article, the TikTok had collected over 41k likes and over 800 comments — I guess many people can relate.