Montreal Restaurant Vin Mon Lapin Was Rated Best In Canada — We Tried It For Date Night

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At a table in Mon Lapin.

At a table in Mon Lapin.

Montreal's Mon Lapin has all the right ingredients for a special night out. Named the top restaurant in the country by Canada's Best 100, it's a testament to what happens when exquisite food, warm atmosphere and remarkable service come together. The rabbit hole in Little Italy offers a dining experience that could be the perfect backdrop for that date you've been meaning to plan.

On a Tuesday night visit with my partner, the venue proved delightfully eclectic. Mon Lapin isn't another dimly lit, intimate date spot. Here, the vibe is bright and airy, yet every bit as romantic.

A bunny-shaped light. Right: Zamalek hibiscus juice with mint and a cucumber mocktail by the Mon Lapin menu.A bunny-shaped light. Right: Zamalek hibiscus juice with mint and a cucumber mocktail by the Mon Lapin menu.@w.princetagram | MTL Blog

Tables are spaciously situated amid farmhouse decor creating an ambiance that feels upscale but far from stuffy. The restaurant's interior is a blend of modern design and quirky wall art. Warm lamps cast a flattering light on all who dine there.

For a mid-week meal, the spot was bustling with activity but never chaotic. The staff, animated and brimming with enthusiasm, float around like dancers in perfect choreography, a testament to the impeccable service. Their knowledge of the menu is impressive, and they aren't just reading off a script — each one seems to genuinely relish the food, passionately sharing the details of each dish.

You can opt for your server to choose a selection of shareable plates for you, or pick out a few for yourself. Right now, the Quebec seafood options come highly recommended.

To start off, we opted for a Zamalek, refreshing hibiscus juice with mint ($8.50), and a tangy cucumber mocktail with aquafaba and sage juice ($8). There's an extensive wine selection, however, and bottles start at around $65.

The croque petoncle sandwiches. Right: BBQ cucumber with grilled Matane shrimp.The croque petoncle sandwiches. Right: BBQ cucumber with grilled Matane shrimp.@w.princetagram | MTL Blog

What sets Mon Lapin apart is its custom, daily-changing menu — that means there's always something new and interesting to try and the unusual flavour combinations will give you and your date something to talk about.

We ordered the croque petoncle, a scallop sandwich ($16), which was a satisfying mix of textures. The mashed scallop offered a velvety counterpoint to the crisp butter-fried bread. The BBQ cucumber with grilled Matane shrimp and homemade yogurt ($18), was a revelation, even for a sea bug-averse person like myself. Each bite was a sensory experience — the crunchiness of the cucumber, the softness of the shrimp and the creamy yogurt were all punctuated by a smoky flavour.

The portions are designed to share, encouraging dialogue and making the meal a real bonding experience. The fresh Hochelaga oyster mushroom and asparagus plate ($24) was another showcase of juxtaposing textures, from crunchy to soft. Followed by a surf and turf dish — mussels with chicken soaked in sourdough starter and stuffed with more chicken ($30) — a savoury punch paired with delicate seafood sauce.

The mushroom and asparagus dish. Right: Mussels with chicken.The mushroom and asparagus dish. Right: Mussels with chicken.@w.princetagram | MTL Blog

To top it off, the cheese platter ($15) with local honey is an unexpectedly satisfying dessert. A mix of Quebec cheeses sweetened by a touch of honeycomb that you can enjoy with thin, crispy wafers.

Making a reservation at Mon Lapin requires persistence, but the effort is rewarded. Once you're booked, the restaurant staff's attention to detail and customer satisfaction shines through — they even called ahead to offer me a better time slot. For those willing to wait, the restaurant does accommodate walk-ins, reserving a few spots for those with a bit of flexibility in their schedule.

If you're looking to splurge on a memorable date night, Mon Lapin checks all the boxes. Great food, warm atmosphere and top-notch service — it's no wonder the spot has been voted the best restaurant in Canada!

Vin Mon Lapin

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