28 Montreal Restaurants Rank Among The 100 Best In Canada For 2023

Feast your eyes on this year's winners!

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​Someone holds up a plate. Right: A selection of sushi.

Someone holds up a plate. Right: A selection of sushi.

Montreal has once again taken the spotlight in the culinary world with over two dozen local restaurants making it onto the prestigious Canada's 100 Best list.

From established favourites like Joe Beef and Toqué! to emerging culinary stars such as Pichai and Gia Vin & Grill, Montreal's gastronomic representation is as diverse as a well-seasoned charcuterie board.

The Canada-wide rankings, determined by a panel of 130 judges, including culinary enthusiasts, food writers and restauranteurs, recognize establishments that provide a complete dining experience, with a strong emphasis on food quality.

Montreal's Mon Lapin, a vibrant eatery in Little Italy known for its innovative and seasonal menu, took the coveted top spot. Following closely behind at number eight is Beba, a Verdun restaurant that combines contemporary gastronomy with the comfort of homestyle cooking.

This year's rankings mark a return to pre-pandemic voting norms, which included travel and dining-in experiences, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of restaurants.

With this heightened recognition, Montreal's restaurant scene is poised for an exciting resurgence post-pandemic. The inclusion of so many local restaurants in Canada's 100 Best list not only signifies the quality and diversity of Montreal's gastronomy but also has the potential to invigorate local businesses and attract food tourism.

After all, with 28 Montreal restaurants on the list, the city's culinary scene is clearly simmering with talent.

Here are this year's local winners and their national ranking:

1.Mon Lapin
21.Montréal Plaza
24.Joe Beef
30.Salle Climatisée
36.Gia Vin & Grill
39.Cabaret l’Enfer
41.Le Mousso
50.Île Flottante
53.Nora Gray
58.Bouillon Bilk
68.Le Vin Papillon
70.Maison Publique
72.Bistro Otto
81.Jun I
83.Place Carmin
86.Tinc Set
93.Le Serpent
94.Okeya Kyujiro
Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an award-winning writer, editor and former radio journalist with a passion for finding hidden gems in the city.