Rock-Climbing Gyms Are Your Way To Get Fit In 2021 Cause, Yes Montreal, They're Open

Time to take up indoor climbing?
Rock-Climbing Gyms Are Your Way To Get Fit In 2021 Cause, Yes Montreal, They're Open

In case you didn't know — and this feels like the city's best-kept secret — rock-climbing gyms are currently open in Quebec red zones.

That's right. They've been open this whole time under the province's COVID-19 health protocols, which allow indoor sports facilities — not to be confused with your average gym — "to remain open for activities carried out alone, in pairs or with individuals from the same household."

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The Fédération québecoise de la montagne et de l'escalade (FQME) confirms this information on its website, noting that restrictions and hygiene measures, such as mask-wearing and hand-washing, are in place. 

Locker rooms, showers and water fountains are out of use, so individual climbers should come dressed and ready to climb.

Many gyms are asking climbers to bring their own equipment, such as shoes, harnesses, belay devices and chalk bags.

While spots are limited, most Montreal rock-climbing gyms have online reservation systems.

What's more, many rock-climbing gyms in the city are open late so it's the perfect late-night activity for the athletically-inclined or for those looking to get fit in the new year. 

Prices vary, but an average session seems to cost around $20.

Here are some local rock-climbing gyms currently open, so you can start to get your climb on: 


Address: 1555, rue Saint-Patrick (Pointe-St-Charles)

Bloc Shop


1370, rue Chabanel O. (Chabanel)

2985, rue Sainte-Catherine E. (Hochelaga)

Le Mouv'

Address: 3811, rue Everett (Saint-Michel/Petit Maghreb)

Horizon Roc

Address: 2350, rue Dickson (Mercier - Hochelaga Maisonneuve)

Shakti Rock Gym

Address: 175, rue Saint-Viateur E. (Mile End)

Rock-climbing gyms are closed on January 1 for New Year's. Check the website of your destination for that particular gym's logistics and hours before you head out!

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