Locals experienced a scare on Friday, November 13, because of a hoax that led to the deployment of the Emergency Response Team and numerous police officers outside the Ubisoft Montreal office. The perpetrator(s) of the Ubisoft hoax could face several charges and serious consequences as a result of their actions.

The person(s) in charge had anonymously called 911, making it look like a hostage situation.

On-site, the police operation revealed that there was "no threat" to report.

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5 years Maximum term of imprisonment

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, the hoax perpetrator(s) have committed "public mischief" and "are liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years."

"Every one commits public mischief who, with intent to mislead, causes a peace officer to enter on or continue an investigation by [...] reporting that an offence has been committed when it has not been committed," the Criminal Code states.

The unsubstantiated call resulted in the police conducting a large deployment in the area, paralyzing a perimeter for several hours and opening an investigation unnecessarily.

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, Ubisoft Montreal's managing director, Christophe Derennes, said "means are put in place to support [their] employees, such as psychological assistance."

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.