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Montreal's Farine Five Roses Sign Is Getting Special Protection By The City

18 more iconic signs will be protected too.
Montreal's Farine Five Roses Sign Is Getting Special Protection By The City

One of Montreal's most iconic landmarks is getting some legal recognition. The Farine Five Roses sign, along with 18 other legendary signs, is getting special protection by the borough of Ville-Marie.

It's part of an effort "to showcase our local heritage and preserve it for present and future generations," Mayor Plante, who is also the Ville-Marie borough mayor, said in a statement.

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Ville-Marie's architectural and landscape heritage is a collective treasure that we must all cherish.

Mayor Valérie Plante 

Rivalling the Olympic Stadium as one of the city's most well-known landmarks, the Farine Five Roses sign was selected for by the borough for this protection for its "landscape, aesthetic and social value."

The sign is one of 19 that will be protected under the heritage plan. Others include the Archambault sign and the Guaranteed Pure Milk sign.

"Concretely," the city says, this means that "the removal or transformation of [these] signs of interest and any other sign located on a building with a sign of interest" will have to be "approved by the borough."

"Whether classified, interesting or modest, our heritage contributes to the identity of our neighbourhoods," said Mayor Plante.

"This priceless heritage has woven the DNA of our metropolis; it deserves our utmost consideration."

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