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Montreal's Fetish Weekend Is Hosting A Photo Walk For The Freaky & Fabulous

No labour this weekend, only looks.

A crowd of Fetish Weekend Photo Walk attendees pose together. Right, someone poses in fetish gear.

A crowd of Fetish Weekend Photo Walk attendees pose together. Right, someone poses in fetish gear.

Martin Perreault | Courtesy of Fetish Weekend, Blanche Photographe | Courtesy of Fetish Weekend

Montreal is known for its sex-positive atmosphere and the city is no stranger to huge fetish events and freaky creativity. Fetish Weekend, which is celebrating its 16th edition, is a prime example of the city's ability to nurture and provide a home for niches and subcultures to showcase their artistic and social talents.

This year, Fetish Weekend attendees are invited to take part in a full-gear fetish extravaganza Photo Walk on Sunday, September 4 at Place de la Paix. Everyone, including photographers, are bound to the event's dress code, which is as strict as it is flexible. Those attending the walk must be in their favourite fetish fits, from latex and leather to pin-up and lolita.

The organizers are clear: photographers not dressed to the (sixty-)nines are not welcome. Once you opt-in to the fetish dress code, your options are limitless. Fetish Weekend explicitly welcomes any and all stylings and interests, as long as you're embodying your desires as much as you're comfortable doing so.

If you want to be a part of this "fun fetish-family style outing" but you don't want to be photographed, then don't fret, the organizers will be providing "no photo" badges to make sure every level of participation is possible.

Attendees can benefit from the STM's free metro initiative to travel to and from the event, which is centred around Hotel Zero1 located downtown near the Saint-Laurent metro station.

Fetish Weekend is also hosting plenty more events on top of the Photo Walk, so stay tuned on their socials to make sure you don't miss your chance to really showcase your sexy side.

Montreal Fetish Weekend Photo Walk

When: September 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Place de la Paix, boul. St Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why You Should Go: To show off your creative, flirty and fun side and spend time around fellow kinksters, while getting the chance to have your fantasy fetish outfit photographed by talented attendees.


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