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Nick Suzuki Made A Refreshing Deal With A Habs Fan & His Mom Absolutely Loved It

Zuke is spreading some early Christmas cheer.

Nick Suzuki Made A Refreshing Deal With A Habs Fan & His Mom Absolutely Loved It

Whether scoring goals or flashing his trademark grin, Montreal Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki always brings a smile to fans' faces and this past weekend at the Bell Centre was no different.

Suzuki took time during the pre-game warmup to make quite a refreshing deal with a fan, trading a puck for a pack of orange Tic Tacs. It gave his mom, Amanda Suzuki, a great Christmas idea.

Holding up a sign that read "Hey Caulfied 22 & Suzuki 14 let's make a trade. Puck for a pack of Tic Tacs," a young fan got the thrill of their lives. Suzuki noticed the sign and went over to the fan and made the transaction.

The adorable moment was posted on the Montreal Canadiens Twitter account.

Suzuki's mom replied to the post and proclaimed that "orange Tic Tacs are my fave!" She suggested to her son that it would be a "good idea" to get her Tic Tacs for her holiday stocking.

With a fresh eight-year, $63-million contract in hand, Suzuki is probably eyeing a much grander gift for his mom but it's nice to see that she still appreciates the simple things in life. For those of you at home, that equals a $7.875 million annual value for that contract.

Suzuki can buy a 12-pack of orange Tic Tacs on Amazon for $11.59 right now. With a cool $7.8 million bucks, Suzuki can buy his mom over 672,000 of those bulk packs, or around 8,064,000 single packs of Tic Tacs.

That's bound to cover more than a few Christmas, eh?

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