Nick Suzuki Gives Off Major Daddy Vibes On His Cat's Adorable Insta (PHOTOS)

He also gives users a peek into his Montreal home.

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Instagram influencers always kill it when it comes to creating aesthetic pages that many can't help but admire, and sometimes, these influencers are someone's pet. Montreal Canadiens player Nick Suzuki's cat, Milo, is one of them.

It's safe to say that Milo's Instagram page, @snowbengal_milo, is one of the prettiest cat feeds around. Plus, you get to see Suzuki in a whole new light when you see all the photos of him and Milo.

Let's be honest — knowing someone is a good pet parent automatically makes them 10 times more attractive.

And it looks like Milo is his dad's number one fan, always showing his support for the Montreal Canadiens.

It's clear that Suzuki and Milo have a great father/son relationship.

On the cat's page, we also get a glimpse into Suzuki's Montreal home, which looks like a lovely, modern space.

All the colours in Milo's photos match his snow lynx Bengal pattern, and it looks like Suzuki made sure his Montreal home and his kitty matched.

Milo has quite the fan group as well, with over 3.9k followers at the time of writing this article.

Who wouldn't want to see this cute furry face popping up on their Instagram timeline?

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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