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Porter Airlines Is Finally Restarting Flights Between Toronto & Montreal

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic!

Porter Airlines Is Finally Bringing Back Flights Between Toronto & Montreal

Porter Airlines, a Canadian airline based in Toronto, is finally back in service after 18 very long months.

The airline is scheduling flights all over Canada including Montreal, Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, St. John's, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Ottawa as of September 8.

In a statement, Porter Airlines president and CEO Michael Deluce said that "this is the moment our team members, passengers and the communities we serve have been waiting for."

"While deciding to suspend our service was the most difficult business decision we've made, announcing a restart of flights is the first step in a recovery process that includes recalling hundreds of team members and welcoming back passengers."

Porter will also soon resume its international flights to U.S. cities including Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington as of September 17.

For added peace of mind, Porter Airlines customers will be happy to know that "all fares purchased by July 20, for travel through December 15, 2021, [are] fully refundable, with no fees."

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