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It's Official: Quebec Has Surpassed 70,000 Cases of COVID-19

The government reported 637 new cases in the province on September 24.
It's Official: Quebec Has Surpassed 70,000 Cases of COVID-19

Quebec coronavirus cases have officially exceeded 70,000 this week, after the provincial government reported 637 new cases on September 24.

The current total, since the beginning of the pandemic in March, has reached 70,307 in the province.

Case numbers have varied daily and sharply decreased between September 20 and 22 before gaining traction within the last two days.

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85% Proportion of recoveries from COVID-19 in Quebec

Friday's numbers are the highest in a 24-hour period since May 21, when the government reported 718 new cases.

There were 15 new hospitalizations in the province recorded on September 24 — the biggest jump since September 21 when the government recorded 20 new hospitalizations. 

The 20-29 age group is reported as having the largest proportion of cases in the province with 15.7 percent.

While the provincial government has not reported any deaths in the last 24 hours, it recorded four deaths that occurred between September 18 and 23, for a total of 5,814 deaths since the pandemic began.

Quebec also reported 313 new people who recovered from the virus on September 24, totalling 60,256 recoveries in the province or 85 percent of cases.

Montreal had 229 new cases on September 24, and Laval had 43.

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