Quebec Will Pay You $650/Week If You Go Back To School In One Of These 142 Programs

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Quebec Will Pay You $650/Week If You Go Back To School In One Of These 142 Programs

Last May, the Quebec government unveiled the outline of a new program supporting the training of 2,500 people in the field of information technology and communications. The list of training courses paid $650 per week is out and there is something for everyone.

Since July 1, it has been possible for people who have had to recover from unemployment due to the pandemic and for people who have not been studying full time in the last 12 months to register for one of the training programs of the Program for the requalification and the accompaniment in information technology and communications (PRATIC).

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What are the programs?

Whether it's a college or university program, a certificate, an attestation of college studies (AEC) or a diploma of specialized graduate studies (DESS), among others, there are 142 training programs waiting for future students.

In Montreal alone, nearly sixty college programs and 20 university programs are available, and a total of 15 in the Capitale-Nationale region.

There are, for example, ACSs in programming, multimedia production, mobile application development or graphic design, to name a few.

The complete list of training courses offered by region can be found on the government website.

Thanks to a budget of some $39.6 million, financial assistance of $650 per week will be offered to 2,500 Quebecers for the duration of their full-time training. A $1,950 bursary will be awarded to graduates.

Who is eligible to enroll in PRATIC?

Two criteria will determine if a person is eligible to register for PRATIC. You must be unemployed and not have been a full-time student in the 12 months prior to applying.

The government suggests that you contact the Services Québec office in your area and an agent will determine with the future student if PRATIC corresponds to his/her needs.

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