As Of Last Week, Quebec Still Had Over 250 Empty Full-Time Teaching Positions To Fill

The province is missing a lot of educators.
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Quebec Had 256 Full-Time Teaching Positions To Fill Before The School Year As Of August 21

According to Education Minister Jean-François Roberge, the province still needed to fill 256 full-time teaching positions as of August 21 for the upcoming Quebec school year. In a Twitter post, Roberge said officials are "doing the maximum" to address the issue.

Teachers' unions have already raised concerns about the situation.

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256  vacant full-time teaching positions in Quebec as of August 21

A union president recently told the CBC that the shortage could result in the hiring of underqualified individuals in some regions.

"Positions are being filled every day," Roberge claimed. "We will get there. We are doing the maximum to ensure a good return to school for everyone."

Recently, a group of Quebec doctors criticized the government's back-to-school plan, calling it "inadequate" and potentially risky for students and teachers. 

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