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Quebec Has Decided Not To Fine People Who Don't Wear Masks... For Now

"Let's remain vigilant."
Quebec Has Decided Not To Fine People Who Don't Wear Masks... For Now

When the mandatory mask-wearing rule went into effect across Quebec, the government raised the possibility of issuing fines to people who ignored it. But on Monday, the government confirmed that authorities won't be fining individuals that don't wear masks in Quebec — at least for now. Up to this point, most people are following the rules, according to Health Minister Chrisitan Dubé.

The government is already enforcing fines for business owners in establishments where heath rules aren't followed, however.

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"The great majority of Quebecers took the last two weeks off to rest and explore our beautiful Quebec. But allow me to remind workers who are back from vacation that they should not hesitate to be tested," stressed Dubé.

"If you know that distancing measures were not followed during your vacation, then, unfortunately, you are at risk."

Dubé said that while people have changed their habits to protect themselves and others, the government is closely monitoring the situation and hopes people remain vigilant. 

"People are wearing masks. We have closely monitored the situation and do not deem necessary to issue fines to those who have not complied with the health directive," said Dubé.

Though there were another 123 new confirmed cases recorded as of Monday, August 3, the government is proceeding with further deconfinement measures.

Up to 250 people are now allowed to gather in outdoor and indoor public spaces except for major festivals and events, combat sports, and vacation camps.

The government isn't planning on changing the rules for private indoor gatherings, though, and will maintain the maximum number of people at 10.

Dr. Horacio Arruda said that the public must not let its guard down despite a slight decrease in case counts and deconfinement measures.

Though a second wave hasn't been seen yet, public health authorities are keeping a close eye on how the situation evolves in the coming weeks.

"I would like in conclusion to reduce the number of daily cases [...] to make sure we are ready to start the second wave with a lower number," Dubé said.

Next week, the Quebec government will unveil its back-to-school plan for September.

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