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Quebec Schools Have Closed 144 Classes Due To COVID-19 Cases

Montreal currently has the most schools impacted.
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Quebec Schools Have Closed 144 Classes Due To COVID-19 Cases

An updated list on the government's website shows that Quebec schools closed 144 classes due to COVID-19 cases, as of September 11.

Of the 144 classes, 130 are in public schools and 14 are in private schools. 

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144 Closed classes in Quebec schools

Now, as of September 14, 223 schools in total across the province have reported positive cases of the novel coronavirus, according to figures posted on the website of the Government of Quebec.

A list shows that the Montreal region is currently most affected, with cases in 60 schools.

A previous version of the list showing schools with at least one COVID-19 case as of September 1, reported that 70 Quebec schools — including two Montreal schools — had cases. 

According to the government website, "In case of a positive test result, all school parents systematically receive a notice from the school principal, and schools are working hand-in-hand with regional public health authorities."

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